Cosplay of the Day: An Uncanny Lightning Cosplay

The Final Fantasy series has to be one of most popular and complex videogame franchises that has built up a massive fan base of loyal devotees.  With it currently at 35 games in total, a franchise of such a large scale needs popular characters for the fans to bond with along with characters who they will want to follow.  Lightning is one of those characters. Beautiful, with a hint of mystery about her, she can be perceived as detached and distant. Devoted to her work, she gives a serious and realistic tone to the games.

The likeness between Lightning and cosplayer Lyz Brickley is uncanny. It appears as if Lightning has taken real life form straight from the video game. Her face holds some mystery, just like Lightning herself. Her armour and weaponry are unbelievably accurate and so well made. Lyz should be very proud of herself; she could be Lightning’s real life double.



Check out more of Lyz’s amazing cosplay work at her Facebook, DeviantArt, and Twitter pages!

Photography by Darshelle Stevens
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