Cosplay of the Day: The White Queen of Hellfire, Xmen’s Emma Frost!

Emma Frost, White Queen of the Hellfire Club, boss lady of Frost International, and the headmistress of Mutant school, Massachusetts Academy. And that is not all on her resume. Frost is known for her telepathic powers, mirroring those of Charles Xavier, as well as her sexy white and gold attire that is sure to catch your gaze and have you bowing down before the White Queen herself.


Hailing from Canada, Jessie, also known as CosplayButterfly, has crafted some fantastic cosplays of other characters such as Samus, Robin and even a classic Blood Elf.  The focus now is on her cosplay of mutant Queen, Emma Frost. She captures Frost’s beauty and her fierce “bow down before me” nature. She looks every bit the queen that Emma Frost is, from the white thigh-high boots to Frost’s signature pale golden-blonde hair.


This cosplay is sure to have you in awe and bowing down before the White Queen of the Hellfire Club. But remember, Frost is an expert of controlling brain functions with pin-point accuracy. This is one cosplay not to miss!


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