A Cosplay of Hercules’ Hades That Sparks!

The character of Hades is based on Greek mythology. Hades is the ancient Greek god of the Underworld. Contrary to how he is portrayed by Disney, Hades wasn’t believed to be evil by the Greeks. He was seen as more of a passive god, one who only angered when people tried to cheat death, or tried to escape his underworld. Disney gave him burning hair and a mean attitude, and a villain was born. In the movie Hercules, Hades tried to take over Olympus by releasing the Titans and making them fight the other gods. Hercules however rescues the gods, and sends Hades back to the Underworld.


Hades has been a villain in 5 Kingdom Hearts games so far. His hot temper and incredible intelligence serves as a deadly combination. In several fights, he’s used Final Fantasy characters to battle for him. In Kingdom Hearts he struck a deal with Cloud Strife, in Kingdom Hearts II he transforms Auron into a statue, taking away his soul. In Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, he makes Terra duel Zack. Hades isn’t afraid to fight his own battles though, and is a mean boss.


This amazing Hades cosplay is done by Pater-Abel-Nightroad. He manages to capture the hotheaded Hades to perfection and looks awesome doing so!


Written by Guest Contributor: Deekay