Cosplay Inspiration: The Ultimate Cosplayer, Katy Perry

Katy Perry has always had a style that is all her own and she definitely loves to go over the top with her concert looks. This pop princess has been taking the world by storm and inspiring cosplayers everywhere! Here are my Top 5 Favorite Katy Perry looks that are perfect for any Halloween Party or Pop Culture Convention!


1. Miss America


Katy Perry loves her red white and blue! Move over Captain America these design definitely show that this California Girl has love for the USA!


2. Smurfette


Voicing Smurfette means that Katy is definitely the perfect person to pull together a Smurfette inspired look. From the rhinestone design to the blue pumps, Katy looks absolutely beautiful as Smurfette.


3. Take Me to the Movies


Katy is the candy queen! This girl can definitely rock the Sour Patch Kids! From popcorn to movies reels, Katy is sure to steal the show.


4. Jungle Princess


This jungle beauty lets out a Roar that is louder than any other! From her animal print top to the grass skirt, this outfit definitely makes a statement!


5. Sweet Katy


Katy Perry definitely has a sweet tooth. From cupcake bras to dresses made of dots! Katy Perry can wear almost anything even peppermint!


To see more over the top Katy Perry looks check out her website which includes links to all her social media accounts!





Written by Guest Contributor: NerdgirlBritt