A Cosplay of Lady Punisher with a Diamond Rating

Once upon a time, Lynn Michaels was a cop within in the New York Police Department until she became irritated by how corrupt the department had become and their inability to bring in a serial rapist. Lynn took matters into her own hands and posed as bait in an attempt to capture him herself. But then, the Frank Castle (also known as the Punisher) stepped in and, in a strange turn of events, the rapist escaped. Frank and Lynn teamed up to hunt down and take out the rapist and she admitted she had deep feelings for him. After reading his War Journal, she becomes disappointed and hurt, and then burns the journal.

cosplay of lad punisher

Lynn joins S.H.I.E.L.D soon after as a deep cover operative. Upon infiltrating Jigsaw, she brainwashed Ian, a man who had lost his family in Stanford, into a powerful assassin. She also disguised herself as Diamonelle, a woman who provided the punisher with medical assistance. Lynn took the shot on Stuart Clarke when Frank was captured to stop him from breaking Frank out and then later when the Punisher and Jigsaw were locked up in S.H.I.E.L.D custody, she allowed Ian to shoot Jigsaw to make up for the fact that she had indeed brainwashed him.


The ladies of the Marvel universe are not only incredibly gorgeous and masters at a large array of skills from advanced weaponry to espionage and so on, but they all have unique bodysuits, letting everyone know of their superhero status and what they can do to them. This translates well over to the cosplayer who takes on the persona of the character as they don the shiny bodysuit and face the world. Mexican cosplayer Karen Kasumi does this extremely well, having put together an amazing Lady Punisher suit. We all love superheros and supervillains in super awesome bodysuits made from meters of shiny PVC, vinyl and leather goodness at All That’s Epic and we sure do love Karen Kasumi’s Lady Punisher cosplay.



Photography by RoCazonova.