Cosplay of the Day: A Female Version of Star Wars’ Han Solo!

It has been a long while since Han Solo graced movie theater screens for the first time. With his best pal, a Wookie named Chewbacca, at his side, the young smuggler proved he was brave and valiant as he helped to rescue Luke, Obi-Wan, and Princess Leia from the Death Star and continued to take part to destroy it. Becoming a new recruit to the Rebel Alliance, his dedication proved that he was capable of being a battle-ridden leader, and was promoted to a general. Even though he led a life of fighting and death, he was still capable of loving, as he fell for Princess Leia. Seemingly cocky, sarcastic, and cynical, Han Solo proves throughout the adventure of Star Wars that there is much more than meets the eye.

han-solo-cosplay-2Many fans of the Star Wars series have dubbed Han Solo as their favorite character. With so much personality, it is hard to not love Han, even if he is quite egotistical at times. And with Solo being such a popular character in such a beloved franchise, it is without a doubt that he would get some amazing cosplays. And what better than a female rendition of the spunky smuggler? Cosplayer Emily created this costume of Mr. Solo, nailing every aspect of him, from gun holster to black vest. With dead Stormtroopers in the background, Emily shows how Han Solo and herself are two people that you should not mess with!



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