Cosplay of the Day: An Effy Stonem Inspired Look!

Skins UK’s Effy Stonem is without a doubt one of the most twisted, yet lovable characters in the teen drama. With every boy in college constantly flocking to her and attempting to possess her, Effy always gets what she wants. But beauty does not always mean a perfect life. As her family life crashes around her, so does Effy’s mental stability as she turns to drugs and alcohol and ends up in a psychiatric ward. Yet, Effy always remains a true friend to those around her, and proves to truly love those she calls her friends and family.

Mariannainsomnia created this Effy Stonem inspired look, truly capturing Effy’s style with black eyeliner, piercing blue eyes, somewhat messy long hair, and always a cigarette in hand. Her gaze is perfect, with “that Effy stare” that her family and friends have come to know her for. Simply spot-on.





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