Cosplay of the Day: Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea’s Edgy Elizabeth!

Bioshock Infinite was truly something amazing. Taking us from the sea to the skies, Infinite introduced us to the city of Columbia’s Little Lamb, Elizabeth. Guarded in a typical storybook fashion, locked away and sheltered from the world while guarded by a large, ominous Songbird, we fell in love with Elizabeth as she proved that she was not merely a damsel in distress who needed a prince to come and rescue her, but a strong, reliable, and useful companion who could hold her ground and pick you up when you’re down.

Although Bioshock Infinite was something remarkable, it is without a doubt that many of us avid Bioshock fans missed the dreary underwater atmosphere of Rapture. Well thanks to Bioshock Infinite’s second DLC that is set to release in the near future, we can have our craving for Rapture once more as we are taken back to the splicer-filled city. And with a new setting, brings a new Elizabeth! As shown in the trailer for Burial at Sea, Elizabeth has a much edgier vibe, with black eyeliner and red lips.

This past year, Elizabeth has been one of the most popular women of the gaming universe to cosplay. Therefore, it is without a doubt that this new pinup-esque Elizabeth would get some amazing renditions of her own. Karina’s portrayal of Elizabeth, with help from photographer Milligan, is one of the best we have seen so far. With striking blue eyes, 50’s style hair, bold red lips, and cigarette ready to light, Karina looks straight out of the Burial at Sea trailer. Just call her Elizabeth.

elizabeth-cosplay-bioshock - 2

Want to see another epic cosplay of Bioshock Infinite’s Elizabeth? Look no further than here!


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