Cosplay of the Day: Borderlands 2’s Feisty Siren Lilith!

We here at Conslayer are undeniably obsessed with Borderlands 2. We have poured hours upon hours into the vast wastelands of Pandora, and pronounced our love and undying affection for the game to the world by dubbing it our Game of the Year 2013. With loads of content, witty dialogue, and lovable characters, Borderlands 2 will remain in the hearts of many gamers for years to come. And speaking of lovable characters, there is one character who deserves a little extra recognition: Lilith, the Siren.

borderlands-lilith-cosplay-2Part of the Siren class, in which there are only 5 other women, Lilith wields unique powers that are near unstoppable. Even Handsome Jack warned that it is impossible to beat a Siren, although his ego told him otherwise. With the power of Phasewalking, Lilith is able to go invisible to sneak up on her poor, unsuspecting victims and packing a powerful punch with her enhanced melee abilities. The queen of elemental damage, you definitely don’t want to go near her when she is equipped with a corrosive or shock weapon.

borderlands-lilith-cosplay-3Although Lilith is an amazing character to play as and definitely a fan favorite in the gaming community, we are here to celebrate a glorious cosplay of the Siren, who has also become quite a fan favorite in the realm of cosplay as well. Yet, taking on Lilith might be a daunting task, what with her signature blue Siren tattoos. However, cosplayer Vera Chimera was up to the challenge, fearlessly embodying Lilith in stunning fashion. With bright red hair, piercing green eyes, and a deserted backdrop, Vera’s Lilith appears to be an exact replica of the Borderlands character that we have grown to love.

Photography by Beethy.


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