Cosplay of the Day: DC Comics’ Miss Martian!

Megan Morse was always adorably sweet. Originating from the planet of Mars, she traveled to make a new home of Earth, where she found members of “The Team”, a group of young superheroes that took on missions assigned to them by the Justice League. Although she was different in appearance, with her human form bearing green skin, and with an entirely different cultural background, Megan desperately wanted to fit in and become part of The Team. After being so tormented back on Mars by her fellow students, she was extremely eager to please the band of teenage superheroes, and fought hard to try to prove her worth, eventually becoming an official member of The Team, and taking on the name of Miss Martian.

It is without a doubt that Miss Martian would be difficult to cosplay because of her green skin, but cosplayer Sina does so flawlessly! With red hair and lips, amber eyes, freckles, and Miss Martian’s signature uniform, Sina embodies the young alien miraculously. Super cute!


Photography by DHauber.


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