Cosplay of the Day: Elisa Erian’s Daenerys Targaryen

In a quest to reclaim the Iron Throne, Daenerys Targaryen travels excruciatingly far and endures great hardships along the way. She was forced into marriage with the fierce Dorthraki leader, Khal Drogo, by her brooding brother. As a wedding gift, she receives a rustic chest containing three, thought to be expired, dragon eggs. The frightened Daenerys is then stripped of her soft, whimsical world and is thrown into the bedraggled, threatening lifestyle of the Dorthraki. All the while, her newly acquired antiques foretell her unrecognized and powerful purpose.

game-of- thrones-cosplay-2


Daenerys has been a fan favorite since Game of Thrones aired. Many girls are inspired by her strength and elegance, so it’s no surprise that she has become such a popular character to cosplay. Elisa Erian chose to portray the quiet and fragile Daenerys in one of her most recognizable dresses. The textured lilac fabric is so true to the original, and flows with such grace, that it’s easily capable of demanding a double take. While the costume itself is already incredibly accurate, Erian sells it even more with her dragon eggs props, as well as the astounding backdrop to compliment the scene.

game-of- thrones-cosplay-3


game-of- thrones-cosplay-4



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All Photo were taken by: Khalil Jeremias Emede



Written by Guest Contributor: Skirtz