Cosplay of the Day: Harley Quinn by Liechee

Photo by Can of Colors

Intelligent, athletic, and seductive, the citizens of Gotham are no match for the infamous Harley Quinn. Caught under an unbreakable spell of love for The Joker that leaves her ignorant to his actions, Harley follows his every command, wreaking havoc on Gotham with a gun, large hammer, and her acrobatic prowess. Unsure of how to love, The Joker often mistreats the lusting Harley, but she always clings tight to him like an innocent, faithful puppy, hopeful that he will reciprocate her affections. Undeniably sexy, Harley is able to successfully play with our emotions and make us feel attached to her with her bubbly voice and upbeat personality no matter how much wrong-doing she commits.

Harley Quinn by Liechee, Photo by Franky-chan

Liechee does one of our favorite cosplays for Harley Quinn, sporting a skin-tight suit and a mischievous smile that shows us just how Harley can, ironically, be one of the most lovable of the superhero villains. To see more of the beautiful Liechee’s rendition of Harley Quinn and more of her work, be sure to visit her on Facebook!

Harley Quinn by Liechee, Photo by Midgard1612