Cosplay of the Day: Ivy by Marie Grey

Photo by Mezame Photography

Guarding her plant friends like an overprotective Mother Nature, Dr. Pamela Isley goes from a scientist who is merely obsessed with botany and an eco-friendly lifestyle, to an eco-terrorist placed high on Gotham’s ‘Most Wanted’ list. With one primary goal of protecting the environment, Poison Ivy exerts destruction on Gotham with plant-extracted toxins and pheromones for powerful mind control. With no human friends aside from co-villain Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy depends on her plants for any remaining ounce of sanity and happiness and will do anything she can to guard them from the pollution of Gotham.

As you can see from our WonderCon pictures, Poison Ivy is a popular choice for cosplay, with her bright red hair and jade green attire. Cosplayer Marie Grey embodies Poison Ivy’s beauty perfectly and her photos are absolutely stunning.

ivy - cosplay - marie grey - 3
Photos by Soulfire Photography and Cozpho Photography






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