Cosplay of the Day: Lady Narven’s Fem Loki

Some might know of the god Loki from Greek mythology, but us cool kids are more interested in his depiction through Marvel’s comics and movies. In ‘Thor’, Loki is the adopted brother of Thor, a noble Asgardian who received the majority of their father’s attention during his childhood due to his superior warrior abilities. Loki, always watching from a distance, began to study sorcery, and his envy towards Thor grew and grew as the years went on. Finally unable to take such outward neglect, Loki embraced his villainy and cast his younger brother as his sworn nemesis. With supreme hatred towards his brother and all of those Asgardians who worshipped him, Loki decided that it was his destiny to unleash Ragnarok upon those he once called his family, which would induce a cataclysmic event that would absolutely destroy Asgard. Unfortunately for Loki, though, he was never quite able to conquer his superior brother and complete his home world’s destruction.

Loki is almost pitiful, merely wanting to be loved by his father in equal regard to Thor. Yet, he is sneaky, manipulative, and quite powerful. After letting his jealousy consume his soul, he is ready to burst into a fit of rage and commit acts of violence at the snap of his fingers. Although it is sometimes confusing as to whether we should love or hate Loki, it is a mutual agreement that Lady Narven’s fem Loki cosplay is something to be marveled at. If Loki continues to look this good, he will never have to be jealous of Thor again!



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