Cosplay of the Day: Lightning and Serah Farron by the Yuurisans Twins

Photo by GQBravo

Lightning and Serah Farron entered into our lives in Final Fantasy XIII. They were two sisters who, although not always seeing eye-to-eye, cared immensely for one another. Throughout XIII, Lightning, a badass soldier with a crude exterior, tried to save the kind-hearted and loving Serah after she is captured and turned into a Pulse L’cie. Serah goes on a similar hunt for Lightning in XIII-2, when everyone believes that she is dead. Although these two sisters are differing in personality, they are alike in appearance and concern for each other’s well-being.

Final Fantasy-XIII-1
Photo by GQBravo

Who better to embody the Farron sisters than twins? The Yuurisans sisters perfectly constructed these Lighting and Serah cosplays to the point where they look like exact replicas of the characters. It is mind-blowing how much detail they put in, and it is unlikely that we will ever find a better cosplay of the Farron sisters than this.

Final Fantasy-XIII-4
Photo by Steph Stober
Final Fantasy-XIII-3
Photo by Anna Fisher

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