Cosplay of the Day: The Joker by AlienQueen

Over the years, Batman’s The Joker has become one of the most prolific comic book and gaming villains of all time. Maniacal, psychotic, and calculating, The Joker always has tricks up his sleeve as he enacts murderous rampages that give him great amusement. With his harlequin bombshell Harley Quinn at his side and expertise with knives and firearms, The Joker is an unstoppable, formiddable enemy who keeps Batman constantly on his toes, and successfully creeps out fans of the series with his high-pitched, clownish cackle.

We have seen The Joker evolve over the past decades, and now cosplayer AlienQueen will evolve him once more into a sexier, female version. AlienQueen is able to maintain the sinister side of The Joker with his ghost white facepaint and signature Joker grimace, while adding a happy dose of much appreciated feminine beauty.

Joker-AlienQueen-3 Joker-AlienQueen-2





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Photos taken by: Darren Rowley