Cosplay on a Budget: Crafting Katarina’s Powerful Swords


How to make Katarina’s swords the lightest possible way: with polypropylene, art attack and acrylic paint.  This tutorial is based upon the original version of Katarina, but could also be used for the Kitty Cat version.  If you would also like to see how to create Katarina’s Slay Bell skin daggers, check the tutorial here.


First of all, you have to find a image where you can see properly the swords and size it to the actual size you want the swords to be.


I traced the contour with polypropylene, then cut it and shaped the edges with a cutter.  Then I applied masking tape to it, to make the art attack mixture easier to apply (it doesnt really work straight on polypropylene).



After that, I melted the center part with a soldering iron and applied more masking tape , to achieve a more flat surface, then covered each dagger in newspaper.


Now apply art attack mixture to make it more resistant.  The silver, gold, and copper acrylic paints are not very opaque, so usually apply two coats, or a similar color underneath and then silver on top.

In this case , I applied two coats of silver and on the central area, a very dark grey, almost black.


To create the shapes that are on Katarina’s daggers, I used eva foam and painted it silver.  You can use spray paint for this if preferred, as it would be a lot quicker.



Placed and pasted the design and then , I started doing the shadows. This time I didnt use aguiaplast on top of the Art Attack Mixture, as i didn’t really want to sand them, so in order to hide the imperfections, instead of using an oleum shadowing, I did it with the pincel sec technique.

For the holding part , I used two cardboard tubes I had at home (kitchen paper ones), I cut some newspaper strips and rolled them on the edge, all wrapped with more masking tape and painted with silver acrylic paint with black shadows.



And your Katarina daggers are complete! They are pretty simple to make, and won’t hurt your wallet! If this tutorial helped you create your own Katarina daggers, let us know in the comments below!




Written by Guest Contributor: Hekady