Cosplay on a Budget: The Power of Googly Eyes

We all know cosplaying can be/is expensive. This is why we cosplayers are always looking for new ways to make out of the ordinary cosplay with everyday inexpensive items. In this segment I will be showing cheaper methods for cosplaying that will help produce better quality props and cosplays, instead of cheap one time use things.

This video I demonstrated how I was able to use googly eyes to make “metal” studs. This method is super cheap as I was able to get a pack of 200 for around 1$. I used them for studs on my shoes and gauntlets, as well as the knuckle joints on my fingers. All that is needed is to paint the studs whichever color you want and glue them to your cosplay/prop. For me, hot glue worked the best instead of superglue and E6000, as the other 2 had trouble sticking to the smooth flat surface of the googly eye. Well that’s it for the cosplay on a budget video today, hope it helps! If you have any other questions or budget ideas, share them with me and I will do a video of it. THANK YOU!!!




Created by Guest Contributor: Hailey S. Cosplay