Cosplay Photographer Spotlight: Darshelle Stevens Photography

darshelle-stevens-ahri-cosplayCosplayer: Lindsay Elyse

Darshelle Stevens is a relatively new photographer that has taken the cosplay photography world by storm. She ventured into her photography adventures about three years ago and dove in head first. She focuses on conceptual and fine art and brings this unique eye to her cosplay images.

Darshelle Stevens has worked with renowned cosplayers such as Yaya Han, Jessica Nigri, Enasni Volz, Lyz Brickley, Kamui Cosplay, and more. Darshelle has a passion for gaming and all things nerdy and it shines through in her breathtaking cosplay images. Many of her photos have made the rounds on the internet such as her photos of Lyz Brickley’s Jinx cosplay.

Recently Darshelle attended BlizzCon 2014 with other photographers on their “Journey Beyond” venture. Be sure to follow her page to keep up with all of her amazing cosplay photography as she continues to blow our minds with her fantastic work.

Cosplayer: Yaya Han
Cosplayer: Kamui Cosplay
Cosplayer: Lyz Brickley
Cosplayer: Jessica Nigri