Cosplay Photographer Spotlight: John Jiao Photography

Cosplayer: Hexgirl

When attending conventions, any cosplayer can tell you that there are many people looking to take photos of their fabulous creations. Attendees, booth workers, other cosplayers, photographers, posing for all those photographs doesn’t always lead to a stack of beautiful photos. A handful of these are photographic greats that a cosplayer would love to work with due to their ability to take magnificent photos amongst the bustle of the convention floor. Out of that handful comes John Jiao Photography.

Striking a balance between the convention floor and space around the building, John Jiao Photography presents the best photographs available for the character. With an impressive portfolio spanning from Sailor Moon to Pokemon to Silent Hill to Disney, John Jiao Photography never disappoints. Not only does he have exceptional skills at conventions, but his photo shoot pieces are stunning as well. On top of all that he has traditional portraits, outdoor shoots and amazing editing skills. Capturing these various moments, characters, and poses to no small feat, making John Jiao Photography one person you want to be on the hunt for at any convention you attend.

majoras-mask-cosplayCosplayer: Zerggiee Cosplay

Cosplayer: Elena Blueskies




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