Cosplay Photographer Spotlight: Oscar Cwajbaum

supergirl-cosplayCosplayer: Jessica

Check out California based photographer, Oscar Cwajbaum! He has a varied portfolio that goes back several years that features many cosplayers from many genres. Oscar travels to conventions to take photos of cosplayers, but he also hosts panels at some conventions making him uniquely epic!

Oscar’s photography can be found on most social media platforms from deviantART, Facebook, and his own personal page. He sits on panels to offer advice for cosplay photography ranging from general topics such as hallway shoots/convention shoots to more specific topics such as lens choice and field of view.

Unable to attend a convention and meet the wealth of knowledge that is Oscar? Go check out his blog for immense amounts of information for both cosplayers and photographers! He shares lens reviews, pre-shoot planning, and much more. Don’t forget to check out his portfolio of beautiful photos of equally beautiful cosplayers while you’re there!

celty-cosplayCosplayer: Chelsea

Cosplayer: WindoftheStars

Cosplayer: HezaChan