Cosplay Photographers Spotlight: Bridging Fantasy and Reality with Hidrico Photography

hidrico-photography-1Cosplayer: Miss Sinister

Ruben of Hidrico Photography brings us epic images of cosplayers from around the world. He is based in Spain, but has shot with cosplayers from just about everywhere. He specializes in fantasy, digital edition, and photomanipulation.

Odds are you have seen images shot by Ruben. He has worked with many cosplayers such as Miss Sinister and Nebulaben. His cosplay images are amazing works of art that could easily be posters for the video games, movies, or comic books that they represent. Be sure to check out his portfolio and see the before and after images to fully appreciate all of the work that he pours into each of his final images.

Cosplay fan looking for some images that truly enhance the cosplayers’ work? Cosplayer looking for someone to create an image that emphasizes all the greatest aspects of your character and brings them into the game? Look no further! Check out Ruben’s social networks and make some cosplay photography magic of your own.

hidrico-photography-2Cosplayer: Yurai Ayame

Cosplayer: Hikari Kat

Cosplayer: Eve Beauregard