Cosplay Photographers Spotlight: Jencus Photography

jencus-photography-1Cosplayer: Nanami Evans

Jencus Photography made a jump from landscape photography to cosplay photography in 2013 and already has amassed an epic portfolio full of breathtaking images of cosplayers. Based in Singapore, Jencus has a love for all that is anime and manga and his passion shows through in his photos.

Every cosplay photographer brings a certain edge to their images and with Jencus it is his experience with landscape photography. Jencus has an eye for bringing the background details into the cosplay to create near-perfect recreations of the character’s world.

Browse through Jencus’s vast portfolio of beautiful anime and manga characters from Michiru to Junko to Ryuko. If you are a fan of anything anime/manga, you are sure to find something to love! If you are a cosplayer in the area of Jencus, be sure to hit up this hobbyist cosplay photographer to create some breathtaking photos of your own!

jencus-photography-2Cosplayer: Lawliet Cos
Cosplayer: Spinelo
Cosplayer: Yosuke Sora