Cosplay Photographers Spotlight: Perfect Portraits by Pugoffka Photography

loki-cosplayCosplayer: TheIdeaFix

Ukrainian photographer, Pugoffka, has worked with cosplayers from all around the world to create a truly epic portfolio. With such a diversity of cosplayers, Pugoffka has hit all the generes from anime to comic books to video games and more. It is a treat to view her portfolio.

Pugoffka is amazingly self-taught in her cosplay photography. After picking up a digital camera and taking photos of cosplayers in her local city, she was sucked into the world of cosplay photography. She shoots on location and takes into account the setting in conjunction with the character. This makes for incredibly powerful images of the cosplayers!

Many of Pugoffka’s images have been granted the internet’s stamp of approval and have gone viral. You may recognize some of them such as TheIdeaFix’s Loki, Nebulaluben’s Nina Williams, and most recently Elizar’s Princess Anna. Whatever the cosplay, Pugoffka never fails to work her magic and bring us photos that look like amazing works of art! Check out her page to see if she is coming to your country and snag a photo shoot!

riven-cosplayCosplayer: Iscariot Elian

Cosplayer: frosel

Cosplayer: Milena Hime