Cosplay Photographers Spotlight: Suit Up with John Lynn of SNTP

sntp-photography-1Cosplayer: Sylpharios

John Lynn of Shirt ‘n’ Tie Photography is an amazing cosplay photographer who shoots predominately on location, but also occasionally frequents a convention or two. John’s portfolio has a balance of on location and convention shoots. He has taken his hobby to cosplayers around the world and created a beautiful portfolio of cosplayers’ creations.

A hobbyist photographer and lover of Photoshop, John has learned many tricks of the trade through fellow photographers, YouTube, and other internet resources. His portfolio has a varied look as John does not stick with one general look for his images. He has beautifully color graded photos, high-contrast images, and some that have an intriguing fish eye effect.

Recently, John has taken a slight break from convention shoots. Not to worry though, he is still taking more amazing photos and sharing them on his Facebook page! So be sure to check out his page for all of his amazing work. And if you are looking to grab some photos with this epic photographer, then be sure to contact him and set up a location shoot for some amazing images!

sntp-photography-2Cosplayer: Nicolette Taylor Church

Cosplayer: Sung Kim

Cosplayer: Kurustein