Catwoman Cosplayers

Cosplay: The Many Faces of Catwoman

By Guest Contributor Kerry Berry

You all know her. The ears, the claws, the whip, the curves, and that coy smile that brings it all home. Catwoman. Our favorite little world-class thief with very expensive taste.  Leaving powerful crime lords and billionaires alike with nothing but a kiss and the clothes they’re wearing, along with a stinging feeling that they should’ve taken Ian McKellen’s advice from X2; “Never trust a beautiful woman, especially one who’s interested in YOU.” What is it about Catwoman that leaves us so enchanted? How is it that a notorious thief of all things is such a beloved symbol to women and men alike?

Catwoman is a character who defines everything that a classically sexy woman possesses: mystery, beauty, and smarts. She’s the kind of girl that you dream about being lucky enough to get swindled by. And even if that powerful femme fatale isn’t generally your type, be willing to bet that she’s got a disguise and an alias custom-fit to your tastes to get whatever she needs from you. Her long list of skills are as lethal as they are attractive. Special made gloves with sharp claws, acrobatic abilities, stealth, martial arts, mastery of combat (and in some arcs travel/grappling) with a whip, friends in high places, and a vast knowledge of all varieties of security systems. So long as there is something to steal and someone to charm, she cannot fail.

Catwoman is the creator of her own freedom. She has been in and out of various groups in the DC universe such as the Birds of Prey, The Injustice Leauge, the recent Gotham City Sirens, and the Outsiders but she lives completely independently. Even with the one and only Batman, she’ll still blow a kiss his way and leave him standing alone on a rooftop. She is free from rules, obligation, society and standards.

Our favorite Catwoman cosplayers are individuals who can show this strength and power from within, while playing the role of Catwoman. To be Catwoman, you need more than just black leather and red lipstick. There’s something special about these Catwoman cosplayers and it isn’t hard to see in these images.


Arkham City Catwoman Yaya Han
Yaya-Han’s Catwoman from Arkham City as pictured at San Diego Comic Con 2012. As usual, her remarkable craftsmanship and attention to detail pays off in this amazing costume. [Yaya Han]
Rarity Catwoman Cosplay
Rarity’s Catwoman from Injustice does a wonderful job of depicting a different spin on Catwoman than that of what we are used to. The utilitarian style of this costume is very fresh and exciting compared to the normal black bodysuit. [Rarity]
Meagan Marie Catwoman #51 Adam Hughes
In this epic recreation of Adam Hughes’ famous Catwoman #51 cover, Meagan Marie shows us Catwoman’s more edgy, vulnerable side [Meagan Marie]
Tim Burton Catwoman Cosplay Velvet Neko
VelvetNeko’s Catwoman from Tim Burton’s Batman Returns is pulled off wonderfully in this cosplay. The seductive aura this image emanates is as intoxicating as we can all imagine the real Catwoman to be. [VelvetNeko]
Aigue Marine DCU Catwoman
Simple yet striking nonetheless, Aigue-Marine’s Catwoman from DC Comics is clean and well put-together and with a full Gotham City Sirens group this costume was enough to make any fangirl or boy go crazy. [Aigue-Marine]
Catwoman Cosplay Margie Cox
Margie Cox is an amazing cosplayer, and her stunning Catwoman is no exception. She owns both the outfit and the attitude [Margie Cox]
Kingdom Colette
Mary Colette’s Catwoman from “Batman: The Animated Series” is sleek and sexy with special attention to very clean seamlines, even down to the sheen of the fabric it has an amazing likeness to the DCAU Catwoman. [Kingdom of Colette]
Catwoman Cosplay Most Flogged
This cosplay is based on the Kotobukiya Bishojou statue, and captures Catwoman’s sleek sensuality in all of its glory. [Most Flogged]