Cosplay Tip Tuesday: Color Correcting Your Skin

Hey guys! For this weeks Tip Tuesday I have a super fast video for you! This tip is easy and fast, but extremely helpful. Color Correcting your skin can be tricky. I could go into detail about this for hours, but today I have just one quick tip. I was recently on set shooting my Edward Scissorhands cosplay and I wanted to make my skin really pale to match Edwards. Everyone’s skin is different so make sure you do some research on what undertone your skin has before you try and color correct it. What I used was a green powered foundation because I have red undertones. I put this all over my arms, face and chest. Depending on your skin tone you may have undertones of yellow, purple or red. My skin has a red undertone so by adding green to the red will cancel out the red and become neutral. I then added a white powered foundation onto of the green to take away any excess green color. This tip can be used to cancel out red undertones on your body, but also to hid any blemishes you may have as well. If you have a pimple simply add a touch of green to it before you put on your regular foundation. Like I said there are so many different skin tones and colors, so different colors will work for your skin. I have added below some Color Correcting Guides for you to take a look at if you want to read into this deeper.






By Guest Contributor: Karli Woods