Cosplay Tip Tuesday: Cosplay Essentials – What’s in my Bag?!

The ever so popular “What’s in my Bag” video on YouTube is probably one of my favorites to watch! I don’t know what it is about creeping other people’s bags, but there is something very satisfying about it! On that note, I decided to show you guys this week what is in my cosplay bag. When I go to photo-shoots and conventions I always carry this super sexy leopard pouch with my cosplay essentials in it. Space is limited when you are at conventions, so you may not be able to carry everything you want with you. It is important to really narrow down those items and make that bag as light as possible!

Everyone carries different items that are essential to them so take a look at what I carry with me, and leave me a comment or send us a video of what you bring to photo-shoots and conventions!






By Guest Contributor: Karli Woods