Cosplay Tip Tuesday: Five Favorite Cosplay Tools

Today on Tip Tuesday I am going to share with you my top 5 favorite cosplay tools!

1. A seam ripper. THIS THING IS MY BEST FRIEND. No I’m serious. It is the first thing I take out of my toolbox when I start sewing. It’s got the sharp razor blade that will rip through the toughest seams. Not only is it sharp but also it saves you so much time if you mess up. Sucks when you sew the wrong sides together.

2. Rotary cutter. Again saves so much time when you are cutting fabric! I personally love to use fabric sheers to cut my fabrics, I feel like I have more control in making straight lines, but when you have to cut a lot and a tougher fabric like leather, these things come in handy! I love it for cutting my worbla!

3. What goes with a rotary cutter? A reviving board again saves my life. It sits on my desk, but you can move it to the floor if that’s where you like to work. Some of us do not have the luxury of having a cosplay workshop so instead of marking my desk or hard wood floors up. Because my landlord would LOVE THAT. I use my reviving board. What you can do is cut right onto it with your rotary cutter or exacto knife and it revives itself! It is like a zombie. FOR REALS. You cut it up and BAM, back to normal. Genius who ever came up with this thing.

4. Fabric scissors. In your toolbox carry fabric scissors and paper scissors. Do not mix the two up. It is very important. Paper will dull your fabric scissors and you do not want that. No. No. No. You want to have really sharp fabric scissors so you can cut fast and straight lines through those expensive fabrics.

5. Leather hole maker thingy. Makes your life easier when you are studding leather, or making additional holes!






  By Guest Contributor: Karli Woods