Cosplay Tip Tuesday: Making Your Cosplay Cost-Effective

Hey guys! This week on Tip Tuesday we are going to talk about how to be cost efficient with your cosplaying, so the tip today is to draw and re-use.

Cosplay can be expensive. You know what I mean guys, like really expensive. I like to draw out my costumes before I start buying things I need. By drawing out a costume you can predict what tools, fabrics, materials you will need, and also how much of it.

After you have an idea of what you will need for your costume you can then go into that giant box of scraps of old material and find things you can use! I always keep any extra fabric from old costumes, extra worbla, buttons, and zippers… I keep all of it! You will never know when you will need it again. Not only does this save time from shopping, but also it saves you money! Like I said before, cosplay is dam expensive, so try and save all the money you can.

Also, you don’t have to just go through old costumes and excess fabrics; you can go through your closet and find pieces that you can use. Us girls buy lots of clothes and end up never wearing them, so look around and see what you can use!






By Guest Contributor: Karli Woods