Cosplay Tip Tuesday: Planning Ahead

Hey guys! On today’s Tip Tuesday I wanted to talk a little bit about planning ahead. Some people that Cosplay full time can punch out cosplays way faster then most people – that is their full time job! But for most people Cosplay is a hobby, and when you have school or work full time it may be hard to get costumes out last minute. What I like to do is plan my cosplays at least 3-6 months before I plan to wear them at a convention.



This is a brilliant idea for a number of reasons, here are a few:

1. It saves money. Cosplay is damn expensive and when you are on a budget you want to try and save as much money as possible. By planning a head it gives you time to actually go online and research for pieces that you can most likely find way cheaper than in stores. Try amazon and eBay for amazing deals! I also love to buy corsets in bulk at Literotica. They are super affordable and great quality for the price. You can paint, alter and add to them as you wish! When you are rushed to finish a cosplay you tend to just buy the first piece you see. For example, I have been rushed to finish costumes before, and I just buy the first item I see because I need it now and do not have time to go and look around other stores.

2. You have time. If you are purchasing pieces for your costumes online than you are going to need time for them to ship to you! A lot of online stores take 3-12 business days to ship. You definitely do not want to take any chances if you have an event coming up. You will need those pieces ASAP. However, if you plan a head and purchase items in advance than you will not have to worry so much about your items arriving late or getting lost.

3. You can mess up! This is huge for new cosplayers, or any cosplayer! If you are working with new materials or cosplaying for the first time you may want to plan to have your costume done a couple weeks before the event you plan on wearing it too. Why? Because if you mess up or you are not happy with the turn out, you have time to fix it or do it again. You want to be proud of your Cosplay, not stressed out and unhappy because it didn’t turn out as planned.

Have a new cosplay in mind? Go start planning right now, and I we will see you next Tuesday!





By Guest Contributor: Karli Woods