Cosplay Tip Tuesday: Posing at Conventions

Hey guys! Welcome to Tip Tuesday – Cosplay Edition! This is a weekly video series giving you quick tips all about Cosplay. Today’s episode is about posing at conventions. Every time I am wearing a new Cosplay at a convention I make sure I have at least 3 solid poses ready to go.   Why you may ask? Photographers are going to ask you to change up your pose a couple times, especially if they really love your costume. They want to see you in action and get great photos of you showcasing your amazing costume! You do not want to be in any awkward situations trying to figure out a new pose on the spot. That being said, the best thing to do prior to the event is to research the character you are cosplaying as and practice, practice, practice! You have worked extremely hard on these Coplay’s and you want to make sure that you get amazing photos, feel sexy, confident, strong, and proud. But just remember that the most important tip is to have fun. That’s what Cosplay is all about!




Created by Guest Contributor: Karli Woods