Cosplay Tip Tuesday: Taking Your Cosplay To The Next Level

Some people cosplay for fun. They do it to get out with their friends and enjoy the excitement of the conventions. Others take cosplay a little more seriously either making it a career, or they just want to have a cosplay presence online and at conventions. I actually have a few tips for you today if you are one of those people wanting to take your cosplay to the next level.

First, make a website, or a Facebook fan page, Twitter, Instagram. Anything! You want to make sure you have a destination for people to find you; they are going to want to follow your cosplay endeavors.

Secondly, you will want to have business cards made so you can hand them out at events. Pick a cosplay name, and get some photos of your proudest cosplay and slap it on a card. You are going to need something to hand out to photographers, vendors, and fans at conventions, how else will they find you!?

Third, get on that social media train and post, like, and comment! Get online and have a daily presence. You should be liking and commenting at least 20 times a day. Document your progress photos of your new cosplays, interact with viewers and ask them what they want to see. Cosplay is fun and the online community is fantastic. Everyone is there to help, and support.





By Guest Contributor: Karli Woods