Cosplay Tip Tuesday: Undergarments for Cosplay

Hello everyone, today I wanted to talk to you about undergarments. You want your cosplays to be seamless and look fantastic. The last thing you want to have is seams popping through your super tight costume! I come from a modeling and television background, and we always tell our models and talents to carry with them a variety of undergarments. This way they are prepared to wear any item of clothing. This would include, nude and black bras, strapless bras, nude and black under wear – both thongs and full bottoms. When you attend an event you do not need to carry all this with you because you will know what you need in advance. Just make sure you try on your costume before the event, so that you can purchase items if needed – remember to plan a head! If worse comes to worse and you have a costume that is extremely revealing, design your cosplay with a built in bra or a support system where needed, so you do not have to worry about buying undergarments and seams showing through.





By Guest Contributor: Karli Woods