Cosplay Tip Tuesday: Working With Wigs

Hey guys! Welcome back to Tip Tuesday. Today we are covering wigs. This tip is super easy and fast, but none the less helpful! A lot of cosplays require the use of wigs. They can be difficult to style and wear at times, and I can’t forget uncomfortable after a long day at a convention. However, they tie the whole cosplay together! It is important to invest in a wig cap. Some wigs may come with a cheap one, but I highly suggest to buy a nice thick one that is not going to rip after a couple uses. Putting a wig cap on first will help flatten your bun (if you have long hair) and keep all those fly-away’s in place. Nothing is worse than taking a super awesome photo and your blonde hair is peaking through your wig! Get all that beautiful silky hair up in that net and then pop that wig in place. Another plus to wearing a wig cap is that you sweat at into the cap and not directly onto the wig. If you are planning on wearing this cosplay often I recommend buying a nice wig and taking care of it –brush it out, wash it only when necessary and handle is with care. Good-luck friends! See you next Tuesday.






By Guest Contributor: Karli Woods