This Cosplay of Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft is Legendary!

Photography by Dan Wheat-Rivers

As the world famous sexy, intelligent, archeologist/adventuress who would dare to venture into ancient tombs (because she’s awesome like that), Lara Croft is a name that will forever go down in the history of video games. However, being hardcore isn’t the only thing Lara is known for. She became a controversial sex symbol when the game first hit stores, some critics even saying that she was a poor role model for young girls; however, the strong fan following says otherwise.

lara-croft-cosplay-16Photography by Rico Maui

She first made her appearance in the 1996 video game legend Tomb Raider, but she also showed up in many television series and movies, one being a major motion picture staring Angelina Jolie in 2001. Becoming one of the first video game heroines to be successfully turned into a feature film.

She was born to a wealthy, aristocratic family and was betrothed to an Earl, however a plane crash changed the course of her life. She was left stranded in the Himalayas for a couple weeks, forced to survive on her own. This experience made her shun her former lifestyle and go on hunts for more adventures around the world.

lara-croft-cosplay-17Photography by Dan Wheat-Rivers

Crystal Santoro does an excellent job bringing the nostalgic, old school Lara to life. She has created this look being as accurate as possible, which is what is important in portraying a famous character. Way to go.


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