Cosplayer Brings a Breath of Fresh Air with this Janna Cosplay

janna-cosplay-1Photography by Gianluca Bini

Janna, the storm’s fury, is a character from the popular MOBA called League of Legends. Janna grew up alone in Zaun, a place where magic is rampant. In order to protect herself and survive, he decided to learn magic. Soon Janna discovered her affinity with the air element and became the air avatar. Moreover, because of her fast ascension, her appearance changed and she seems to come from another world.

In the game, Janna is a support and her attacks are very useful for all the teammates but the bad part is that she is squishy and can die easily if you are not playing carefully.


In HoneyMary ‘s cosplay we can see how the fabric details are accurate in a perfect white fabric. The elf ears have an awesome realistic look and the diadem and the magic wand have a great shape and a good paint.

If you want to see more about HoneyMary’s work you can follow her on DeviantArt.



Written by Guest Contributor: Juby Headshot
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