Cosplayer Creates Epic Juliet Starling/Lady Deadpool Mashup Cosplay

Lollipop Chainsaw is a hack and slash comedy video game featuring sexy/adorable teenage cheerleader heroine Juliet Starling. The game pits a chainsaw wielding Juliet against hordes of zombies at San Romero High School where she must, of course, defeat the zombies and also rescue classmates. As the player progresses, additional skills can be earned as well as costumes and other goodies unlocked. The game debuted in 2012 and has become something of a cult classic.

Juliet is accompanied throughout her journeys by her boyfriend, Nick, who has been reduced to a disembodied head which hangs from her waist. At certain times in the game, Nick’s head can be attached to a decapitated zombie body, allowing the player to press buttons in a rhythmic pattern to have zombie Nick clear the way for Juliet.


As it turns out, it’s no mere coincidence that Juliet is so badass. She’s a secret zombie hunter and is adept enough with certain magic spells as to keep Nick alive and keep his soul intact. Depending on the player’s actions during the game, specifically whether they saved everyone or let someone die, the game either has a happy ending or one that ends with both sweetness and tragedy.

Switching gears to the world of comics… Lady Deadpool is a deadly female version of hugely beloved Marvel Comics “Merc with a Mouth,” Deadpool. Lady Deadpool, aka Wanda Wilson, aka Ladypool, aka Sassy Pants, is from the alternate reality Earth-3010. Out of a need to belong and feel wanted, she joined the side of a group of rebels fighting against loyalists in the United States. She’s a much more private person than Juliet Starling, and she can be difficult to work with in a team.


That said, she’s hilarious, unpredictable, can be somewhat clingy, and can kick some serious ass. Her strengths and abilities are in keeping with the original Deadpool’s, including enhanced strength, super healing factor, limited immunity to telepathy and more. She’s now a member of Deadpool Corps along with Deadpool, Kidpool, Dogpool, and Headpool, the latter being a disembodied zombie head.

Keeping Headpool in mind, many kudos are due to Mistyy Cosplay for her inspired mashup of Juliet Starling and Lady Deadpool. Mistyy took the basic of look of Juliet – the blonde, perky ponytails, the cheerleader outfit, the fabulous chainsaw – and did it up Deadpool Corps style. In lieu of Nick’s head slung from her waist, Mistyy has Headpool. The whole thing is really brilliant. Mistyy wears it well, adopting the sexy and plucky attitude of Juliet. And her Ladypool version of the chainsaw is amazing. Ladypool Chainsaw. Great concept, awesome execution. This is a mashup that may not immediately make sense, but works oh so well once you think beyond Deadpool to the Deadpool Corps. Well done.



Photography by Flash Bang Wallop