Cosplayer Illisia brings Gnar to Life


Gnar is the “Missing Link” in the League of Legends cosplay that you have been longing for! By far the most adorable character in the game, Gnar cosplay may have taken a while to happen but nothing could confine this forever! Cosplayer Illisia takes her love for the character to the ultimate level by cosplaying this little ball of fur! Her cosplay is absolutely on point! Do not let the cuteness of Gnar or this Gnar Cosplay trick you! Cosplayer Illisia is amazingly skilled and like Gnar is a force not to be underestimated. From the beautifully designed headdress to the fluffy tail, Illisia is not messing around. Her costume is even complete with boomerang!


My ultimate favorite part of this amazing cosplay is the makeup and hair choices made by Illisia. She incorporated Gnar’s ever so prominent teeth and beautiful colors using facepaint and a wig! I am truly impressed by the creativity and design choices taken by Illisia. To see more of her cosplay or to learn more about her follow Illisia on Facebook.


 Photography by Vrael Cosplay


Written by Guest Contributor: NerdgirlBritt