Cosplayer Kills Us with this Beautiful Saeko Busujima Cosplay

Saeko Busujima is one of the most popular characters of the anime High School of the Dead. She is a strong and talented fighter who was the captain of the Kendo Club at Fujimi High School. That’s why at first Saeko uses a bokken wooden sword, but later she fights with a sword.

About her personality, Saeko is a reliable, kind and strong woman who follows her familial samurai lineage. But later, she also reveals some sadistic tendencies and reveals that she receives pleasure from causing pain to others.


Her appearance is particular too– Saeko is taller than the Japanese average, blue eyes, long straight purple hair and shiny pink lips.

Kotori Cosplay wears the most popular outfit of Saeko: black boots with heels, purple stockings and gloves, her uniform top and this sexy skirt which looks perfect on Kotori Cosplay.  She really makes a good job of all the elements of this cosplay and see also looks fantastic!

saeko-cosplay-1 saeko-cosplay-3


Photography credits: Padre GeekSakura Party, and SixAlles