Cosplayer Perfectly Transforms into Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill

ryuko-matoi-cosplay-1Photography by Kelly Dun

Ryuko Matoi is the main character in the popular anime smash hit, Kill la Kill. She is the daughter of the late Isshin Matoi, who was transferred to a special academy called Honnoji Academy. She is in search for the twin of her red scissor blade. The person who holds that same scissor blade must be the one who murdered her father. Ryuko is a strong and stubborn seventeen year old that has dark hair and usually wears a navy blue sailor’s uniform. However, she changes her appearance frequently.


We are impressed with how identical Gurl With Red Hair is to Ryuko Matoi. Looking exactly like a really popular anime character is not easy and she does it flawlessly. The photography, personality, and costumes are all perfect. Gurl With Red Hair completely nailed it with these Ryuko cosplays.

ryuko-matoi-cosplay-3Photography by Josh Valentine

ryuko-matoi-cosplay-4Photography by Joits



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