Cosplayer Shallon Enlow’s Sexy and Fun Inori Rendition

inori-cosplay-1Photography by Estrada Photography

Inori Yuzuriha is the one of the main protagonists of the Guilty Crown series. She is a member of the resistance organization known as “Funeral Parlor”, which is fighting against the Japanese government. At first, Inori is a rather emotionless, but as she becomes closer to Shu, she begins to exhibit more emotions, though she does not fully understand them. This is due to the fact that she was created as a vessel to hold another’s mind. She is an extremely skilled fighter, often being able to knock someone out simply by touching their forehead.

inori-cosplay-2Photography by Snapdragon Snapshots

Cosplayer Shallon Enlow has donned Inori’s “red outfit” with a slight modification, instead of red, the outfit is a beautiful shade of pink. With hair going from light pink to dark, split in pigtails and adorned with a red clasp, Shallon Enlow is gorgeous. The wardrobe is simply stunning. The main piece of the garment is the bodice with flowing tail piece that changes from pink to orange. The front is open, showing her abdomen, and closes at a bikini style bottom. It is adorned with pink and orange flowers, as well as a diamond pattern where the coloring changes on the tail. She has matching gloves with “fins” hanging off. The black leggings have patches of pink and show off her thighs. The outfit is fun, sexy and feminine all at the same time.



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