Cosplayers Enter the Game as Comic ConQuest Stars Major Cosplayers!


It seems as though the roles have been reversed, as a new RPG is using characters in visage of some our favorite cosplayers. This turn-based RPG is called Comic ConQuest and it takes place at one of a cosplayer’s favorite places: Comic-Con! Coming to iOS and Android devices along with the Web, we will witness cosplayers such as Abby Dark-Star, Amie Lynn, Alexandria the Red, Vampy Bit Me, and Myrtle Sarrosa kick the butts of nemesis cosplayers through the halls of the crowded San Diego Comic-Con.

With customizations to help fit your play style including different classes, weapons with different abilities said to help you “blast, slash and enchant” your enemies, and the benefit of being able to nab weapons and costumes that other cosplayers have left behind, Comic ConQuest is shaping up to be more than just a typical mobile/browser-based game!

Check back for more Comic ConQuest news, and until then, take a look at these awesome comic style character portraits and see some of your favorite cosplayers in their new virtual form!

Abby Dark-Star


Amie Lynn


Alexandria The Red


Vampy Bit Me


Myrtle Sarrosa