Creative Cosplay Turns Fate/Stay Night’s Saber into a Punk Queen

The Fate/Stay series has become extremely popular over the past year with the addition of the newest anime to the series, Fate/Stay Night.  In Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero’s Saber returns to protect one lucky mage and aid them in their quest to attain the Holy Grail.  Saber is ruthless in battle yet loyal and kindhearted, making for a truly well-rounded character, and one that many would love to cosplay as.


Cosplayer Kiara Berry took a whole new approach to Saber by transforming her from the regal warrior we know her as to a more casual, punk version inspired by fan art.  We love Kiara’s originality and ability to make a character her own, while still maintaining the character’s original essence to make it instantly recognizable.


Photography by Emanuele Bravi