A Crime Busting Stephanie Brown Robin Cosplay

Na na na na na na na na, Batman! Alright, it’s not Batman, but it is his trusty sidekick Robin. Half of the dynamic duo or Caped Crusaders, Robin is seen as a viable asset to Batman himself. Making his first appearance in 1940, Robin was originally intended to bring in younger readers, giving them someone they could look up to. Luckily for the speedo donning superhero, Robin gained quite the praise from fans and since has been quite the sensation.


Robin has not only starred in a plethora of comic books, but the crusader has also been featured in movies such as Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. Additionally, Robin can also be spotted in Teen Titans, Batman & Robin the videogame, and other such notable outlets. Despite who might be underneath the red, green, and yellow get up – whether that be Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Carrie Kelly, or Damian Wayne, there’s no denying that Robin is much more than a sidekick. Not only is he – or sometimes she, a companion to Batman, helping him fight crimes and take down villains, but Robin is also a superhero all his – or her own, with the ability to take care of themselves when needed.


Kerraldine has taken the Stephanie Brown version of Robin – one that most might not be familiar with, and spruced it up a bit. Stephanie Brown, who some might know as both Tim Drake’s girlfriend and formerly Spoiler, graciously took on the role of Robin when Tim resigned. While Stephanie Brown didn’t last long as the role – that’s what happens when you disobey Batman and inadvertently start a gang war, there’s no denying that she had guts.


Cosplayer Kerraldine paints a picture of Stephanie Brown’s cajones, in a sense, by posing as Robin portraying various emotions. With blood on her face, Kerraldine can go from badass to scared sidekick in the difference of one frame. While most might obviously aim to nail a Robin cosplay in the crusader’s most traditional sense – as a male, Kerraldine brings light to a different side of Robin. Portraying Stephanie Brown not only brings a few pinches of femininity to Robin, while also keeping a firm grasp on everything that Robin is, a kick butt sidekick. For that, Kerraldine, we commend you, for not only beautifully pulling off a Robin cosplay but for truly bringing Stephanie Brown to life.



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Photography by Carlos Adama Geek Photography.