Cute Annie Cosplay Plays with Tibbers

Annie is no ordinary child. Gifted with massive arcane powers drawn from both her birthplace in the Voodoo Lands and the magic flowing through her parents, she tamed a shadow bear by the time she was two. Naming him Tibbers, Annie keeps him where ever she goes, often spellbound as a stuffed bear. The youngest member of the League of Legends, she is often one of the most sought after champions, being able to fill multiple roles well.


Cosplayer Ally Bee is super adorable in her Annie cosplay. Pink hair is held in place with pink kitty ears. Her purple dress is perfectly crafted with striped pink and white socks. Her fuzzy backpack hangs off her shoulders. Tibbers is amazing looking with the one eye missing. The poses are perfect, from her cuddling with Tibbers to just being a playful child. The photo editing adds Annie’s signature fireball on her hand, really bring her pyro fueled abilities to life. Great work Ally Bee.


Photography by Omaru