Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe to Star in Grand Theft Auto Film?

Grand Theft Auto is an open world game for adults who are into hijacking cars and causing riots in the middle of the city. Its role playing hijinks include stealing cars, killing, pillaging and running from the police.

Most of us think that video games are all in good fun, with the exception of Jack Thompson. Thompson is an attorney who protested the game due to violence. He tried to ban GTA, making the game one of the largest such targets to date. The dispute has been noticed in Hollywood and there is talk of an upcoming movie based on the legal case. Daniel Radcliffe has been eyed to play the game’s creator, the protagonist in the film.

Jack Thompson, activist attorney, believed that the Grand Theft Auto games were a platform for spreading violence and sexual content to minors. He has attacked entertainment companies for doing the same as well. The legal dispute will more than likely be the plot of the movie.

Radcliffe’s recent projects include 2013’s What If as well as Victor Frankenstein as Igor, which opens October 2. His role in the film would presumably be Sam Houser, the co-founder and president of Rockstar Games.




Source: THR