Dare Cosplay Makes Us Feel the Beat!

Dance central was released in 2012, allowing players to get points by dancing their way through the levels by following the awesome characters. You receive an invitation to a secret underground party where you are challenged to dance, and after passing you are recruited to be an agent. You then dance all the way from the 70s to the 2000s to various catchy tunes.

To help you move like a dance god, there are lots of characters dressed in cool outfits shaking their stuff. One of these is Dare, an urban chick who wears baggy trousers- belt undone, of course. A cute pink crop-top layered up, long pink hair, and long striped gloves with only her thumbs sticking out. It wouldn’t be complete without a gold boom box to play pop music out of. She has a lot of swagger in her photos, and you can totally see her shaking her thing down the street.



Check out more of Thamires Ribeiro’s cosplays by visiting her DeviantArt page.




Written by Guest Contributor: AlienQueen