Dark Valkyrie Diana Cosplay Lights up the Night

dark-valkyrie-diana-cosplay-1Photography by Jo Digital Art

Diana, Chosen of the Moon and denounced heretic of the Solari, is one of the many champions available in League of Legends. With her crescent shaped blade and marked armor, she proved to the Solari elders what she had always felt, that the moon had once been worshipped like the sun. Ordered to be executed by Solari leaders, she ascended, killing the elders. When all was said and done, Diana stood proudly with the crescent moon on her forehead and a new vigor to bring all under the worship of the moon.

dark-valkyrie-diana-cosplay-2Photography by EOSKnight

One of Diana’s skins is that of the Dark Valkyrie. With resplendent feathers and feather adorned armor, Diana is a stunning vigilante of the moon. Cosplayer Cyehra is stunning in her rendition of Dark Valkyrie Diana. The attention to detail is simply fantastic. The feathering pattern on the armor is concise and well crafted. The coloring on the feathers blends perfectly. Her Moonsickle Blade is simply divine and ready of action. With such a beautiful costume, Cyehra is a drop dead gorgeous Diana.



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