Darth Talon Cosplay Invites Us to The Dark Side

Darth Talon is a Lethan Twi’lek who became a Sith Lady serving under Darth Krayt. She has tattoos to mark her allegiance that are black and cover her entire body including her head and her lekku. Each of these tattoos marks her devotion further, as they were each earned in combat and inscribed on her skin by Darth Krayt himself. She rises to the rank of Krayt’s Hand, along with Darth Nihl, the other Hand.



Cosplayer Sayuri has completely captured Darth Talon’s essence with her cosplay, including the stunning depiction of Talon’s red skin and beautifully intricate Sith tattoos. Her eyes mirror the same strength and determination found in the character.

Photography by KinslayeR13